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The Wizards are open to trading Hachimura, according to report

This is not surprising, considering that they want to keep Kyle Kuzma. And they also both play the same position.

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Washington Wizards v Sacramento Kings
The Wizards are looking to move Rui Hachimura apparently.
Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

This past weekend, I wrote about the Washington Wizards pushing back on any trade rumor involving Kyle Kuzma. That may be because they are open to moving Rui Hachimura at the trade deadline, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Charania reported that several Western Conference teams are interested in getting Hachimura. The most notable recent non-move involved the Phoenix Suns which was reported in late December.

The Wizards have some major personnel decisions to make in the coming months, including at power forward, with both Kuzma and Hachimura play. For now, Washington is taking the public position that they can keep Kuzma long term, despite the fact that they did not get him to sign an extension for next season.

But they also didn’t sign Hachimura to an extension beyond this season. If the Wizards were to trade Hachimura, they can’t match any contract offer he gets in the summer. And if Kuzma stays beyond the trade deadline AND leaves the Wizards in the summer, that would be embarrassing for the front office.

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