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SB Nation Reacts: Wizards fans’ confidence sours again after recent losing streak

Time to review our recent poll!

Chicago Bulls v Washington Wizards Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Thank you for your responses to this week’s poll. Washington Wizards fans. Let’s review the results!

Wizards fan confidence drops after losing run

SB Nation

In this week’s survey, nearly 45 percent of Wizards fans who responded, gave their confidence in the team a grade of 1 out of 5. A grade of 1 means that the respondent has no confidence whatsover in the team. Last week, fans were overall confident, or at least content with the Wizards’ direction.

Neutral to me also means content for the purposes of our surveys.

Why is a combined 26 percent delusional content or confident in the team’s direction?

  • “Minus the Beal deal, I like the Kuz-KP combo. Need to see what we have in Rui and Deni and Beal isn’t cutting it. Some tweaks and this squad could be good. “
  • “The Wizards can and do play well when Bradley Beal isn’t on the floor.”

That second bullet point seems like a backhanded compliment. Why are fans NOT confident?

  • “There is no clear direction other than perpetual mediocrity. “
  • “Tommy Sheppard and Ted Leonsis are bilking the system. Giving Bradley Beal the extension was a strategic blunder not seen since Operation Barbarossa. Then these two morons gave that clown a no trade clause. Plus Brad is an awful teammate and leader. Look at the players whining bitching and complaining after every bit of contact. That’s Brad. He’s kind of a passive aggressive baby. . Watch and listen to him. It’s been going on for years. Dude is a loser!“
  • “If the destination is a competitive and relevant team either this year or in the future, then what indications are there that the organization is headed in the right direction? I can’t name one thing! The organization as a whole reflects the indifference and apathy with which it is viewed by the local and national community. The owner operates, the GM manages, the coaches coach, and the players play as if nothing is at stake, because in truth, no one really cares about this team and never will until they win. But they’re losers, through and through. And the owner should be desperate to change that, but he just smiles and tells us everything is ‘going to plan.’”
  • “Are they tanking? Are they striving for a playoff run? Are they going to finish in the same Wizards range again 9 to middle lottery? I would love to have the kid from France but seems like a healthy KP is quite the same? Is Kuzma set on leaving? A lot of legit questions!”

Yeah, these guys are definitely unhappy.

Most Wizards fans don’t think the Wizards will have an All-Star this year

SB Nation

Only 29 percent of respondents believe that the Wizards will have an All-Star this season. Kyle Kuzma appears to be the player with the best chance.

Tomorrow, I will share national results!

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