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NBA Free Agency 2023: Kyle Kuzma’s mom states that her son loves D.C. and the Wizards

Karri reads everyone’s tweets!

Chicago Bulls v Washington Wizards
Kyle Kuzma’s mom came to her baby’s defense yesterday.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma is involved in many trade rumors. And regardless of whether he finishes as a Wizard or not, every move he makes will be scrutinized a lot.

Sometimes, loved ones are involved, like a player’s mom.

Today, I ready a piece on FanNation’s Wizards page and saw an article about Kuzma’s mother Karri stepping into her son’s defense after the Wizards’ loss to the Pelicans on Monday. Kuzma fouled out of that game and he left frustrated. Mom made sure that Twitter didn’t make more light of it.

As Karri said, Kuzma certainly had to make an adjustment from playing for a Los Angeles Lakers team that contended for and won the 2019-20 NBA championship to playing for the Wizards who are on the outside looking in for a play-in spot. And even though players certainly want to be in winning situations, they may still like the places where they are playing at. Kyle has said time and time again that he likes Washington, DC and playing for the team.

All of that said, we shall see what happens as the trade deadline comes up in the next few weeks. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.