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Israel vs. Finland final score: Deni Avdija has double double in 89-87 overtime win in EuroBasket

The Israelis are off on the right track for EuroBasket.

Team Israel has finished their first game in EuroBasket 2022. All games can be streamed on ESPN+. Let’s get to the recap, since Israel kicked off Group D play with an 89-87 overtime win over Finland in Prague, Czech Republic.

The first quarter of this game was a bit rough as the Finns had their way. Cleveland Cavaliers post (for now) Lauri Markkanen had this putback slam to finish the first quarter as they raced to a 27-16 lead.

Israel countered with a 24-13 run in the second quarter and from there it was a ballgame. Avdija got into a groove and had a double-double by the third quarter, while Markkanen was held scoreless in that timeframe.

The Israelis were in danger of losing the game in regulation. But guess who came to the rescue with less than a minute left? DENI WITH THE THREE!

The game was tied 79-all heading into overtime. Israel built up a five point lead, and Avdija even blocked a shot with seconds left, All in all, one hell of a performance by the Israelis.

Avdija finished with 23 points and 15 rebounds. Markkanen had 33 points for Finland.

I didn’t have time to write any in-depth trivia on the countries in Israel’s group before today. That was because I started a new job earlier this month. I’m now a high school business teacher in Northern Virginia, so I’ve had to schedule my writing outside of class hours. And there is no school today!

During the coronavirus pandemic, like many people in the country as a whole, I was wondering how could reset my career. I have been a marketer for quite some time now, and teaching (while keeping my connections alive) is one way for me to give back to the next generation. Sounds corny to write it out, I know. But overall, I am happy to be teaching, though, like any other profession, I wish the pay was a bit more!

I’m not leaving Bullets Forever folks. But I’ve had to adjust my writing schedule times for my 150 or so students!

Let’s move on to the trivia!

About Israel

  • Most well-known companies from Israel: Check Point Software is one I can think of. WeWork was co-founded by Israeli American businessman Adam Neumann, but was always an American-based enterprise.
  • Attractions I would like to see in Israel: The Dead Sea and the beaches along Tel Aviv.
  • Official and Special Status Languages Hebrew. Arabic is a language with special status.
  • What do Israelis call their country? יִשְׂרָאֵל (Is-rah-ehl) in Hebrew. إِسْرَائِيل (Is-rah-eel) in Arabic.
  • The first Israeli I can think of whose name isn’t Deni: Gal Gadot. She played Wonder Woman in two movies including “WW1984” which was partially filmed at the old Landmark Mall in Alexandria!
  • What is a popular song in Israel by Israeli artists? According to The Top 100 most played songs on Apple Music in Israel, Noa Kirel’s “ פנתרה” or “Panther” is No. 1.

About Finland

  • Capital: Helsinki
  • Population: 5.55 million
  • National Anthem: Maamme (Our Land)
  • Most well-known company from Finland: Nokia. Yes, they still exist.
  • Attractions I would like to see in Finland: The Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki and Rovaniemi, a city in the northern part of the country where you could see the midnight sun in the summer!
  • Official Languages: Finnish (about 87 percent speak it as a first language) and Swedish (5 percent as a first language).
  • What do Finns call their country? Suomi in Finnish and Finland in Swedish.
  • The first Finn I can think of who isn’t Markkanen: I’d go with Prime Minister Sanna Marin. When she was named the leader of the country’s government, she was the youngest to be in that role in the world. She also leads a five-party coalition led mostly by female party leaders.
  • What is a popular song in Finland by Finnish artists? The No. 2 on Spotify’s Top 50 most streamed songs in Finland as of Sept. 2 is “Shamppanjadieetillä” (On a Champagne Diet) by rappers Gettomasa and Van Hegen.

Tomorrow, Avdija and Israel play the Netherlands!