Lineup and Rotations Ideas

Starters: Morris, Beal, Barton, Kuzma, Porzingis

1st sub (Deni Avdija for Will Barton): Morris, Beal, Deni, Kuzma, Porzingis

2nd sub (Wright, Rui, Gafford for Morris, Kuzma, Porzingis): Wright, Beal, Deni, Rui, Gafford

3rd sub (Kispert, Barton for Beal, Avdija): Wright, Barton, Kispert, Rui, Gafford

4th sub (Morris, Kuzma, Porzingis for Wright, Rui, Gafford): Morris, Barton, Kispert, Kuzma, Porzingis

5th sub (Beal for Kispert): back to starting lineup.

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