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SB Nation NBA Reacts Part 1: Getting to know Wizards fans’ general preferences

We now have a better idea of our fans’ interests and more.

Phoenix Mercury v Washington Mystics
Time for our summer survey results!
Photo by Noah Willman/NBAE via Getty Images

Thank you for responding to this week’s summer Washington Wizards SB Nation Reacts survey. Let’s get to the results!

Most of our respondents live in the DMV

SB Nation

We had 334 people respond to the survey. Since the DC area itself includes suburbs in Virginia and Maryland, it should be no surprise that 31 percent reside in Virginia and 27 percent reside in Maryland. Washington, D.C. proper was fourth place, just 10 percent. Overall, about 70 percent of our respondents live in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Most of our respondents are Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers (Millenials). We’re getting more Gen Z’ers.

SB Nation

Generation X generally includes people born between 1965-80 so our survey options didn’t exactly align with the Generations as we know them. But our site visitorship isn’t made up of a bunch of high schoolers, college students and young professionals just out of college. Most of us are .... middle aged adults!

(Including me? I’m 38!)

A very D.C. question: Dulles, Reagan or BWI? Our respondents prefer Reagan, but just slightly.

SB Nation

If you travel by airplane to another destination within the United States or internationally from the DMV, you will likely go through one of these airports.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (IATA code: DCA) in Arlington, Va. was the preferred airport by 36 percent of our respondents. I’d imagine that this is because it is located next to downtown Washington. Reagan is a hub for American Airlines, so if you like flying to Miami or Philly, this airport is your bet. The downside of this airport is that it’s on a small plot of land that handles too many flights for its size. And finally, Reagan generally doesn’t have international flights.

Washington Dulles International Airport (IATA code: IAD) in Loudoun County, Va. is DC’s main airport, a United hub and one of the largest East Coast international hubs after New York City. If you are flying to Washington from another county, this is the airport you will fly into. Dulles has multiple large runways, which is great for pilots. But things like the “people mover” cars from the gates and its long distance from D.C. proper (about 25-30 miles west) make it inconvenient for DMV residents who live inside the Capital Beltway and eastern suburbs like Prince George’s County, Md.

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (IATA code: BWI) is located in northern Anne Arundel County, Md., less than 10 miles south of downtown Baltimore. It is a Southwest airlines hub and often offers international flights with discount carriers. Many Maryland residents in D.C. suburbs prefer to fly from here instead of Dulles or Reagan due to traffic on the beltway.

I have flown in and out of all three airports, but I personally prefer Dulles because I live in Loudoun County. But I always thought this is one of those truly “DC” topics that set the locals from the tourists.

Why did I ask this topic? That’s because I saw this tweet by Matt Modderno last week!

Our respondents like Five Guys the most as their locally-based restaurant chain

SB Nation

Five Guys, a fast casual hamburger chain founded in Arlington, was the favorite DMV-based chain by 48 percent of our respondents. Five Guys today has nearly 2,000 franchises in the US and worldwide, including locations in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. Today, their corporate headquarters is in Lorton, Va. which is southeastern Fairfax County.

In second place was Cava, a Mediterranean bowl chain founded in Rockville, Md. and now headquartered in D.C. with 16 percent. Ben’s Chili Bowl was third with 16 percent based on rounding, with locations in D.C. and the suburbs. Moby Dick House of Kabob, which is headquartered in Hyattsville, Md., was in fourth place with 8 percent. Sweetgreen and &Pizza, both founded in the D.C. area, had a combined 12 percent of the vote.

In Part 2 of our survey results for tomorrow, we will go over some of your favorite DMV basketball moments and more!