Starting 5?

Morris - Beal - Barton - Kuzma - Porzingis

That's a worst line up with worst defense.

Pure Scoring Less Rebounding.

Also its not about zingis performance, The question is can zingis stay healthy?.

With a pg playmaker less scorer named morris, I expect beal aiming for most points scored per game.

Kuzma should really play very well to get a good salary increased on a new contract.


Morris - Beal - Deni - Kuzma - Porzingis

We just swap barton to deni.

Defense at 3 improved a little, Depending on deni progress.

Morris also played some defense since starting in denver team.


Morris - Beal - Deni - Kuzma - Gafford

Less Spacing but much improve defense.

We have ball distributor named monte.

In this scenario, Porzingis is injured so gafford starts.


Morris - Beal - Barton - Kuzma - Gafford

Barton talked about making good plays for gafford to score inside.

Maybe they will do it as bench players as 2nd unit group, But coach wes might start barton a lot of games.

Porzingis will never play backup role not unless injured.


What do you think about our starting 5? Who should start?

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