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NBA Free Agency 2022: Fourth of July open thread

I would have posted a picture of a Wizards player. But let’s not forget about Brittney Griner, who is looking for her Independence Day.

Think about Brittney Griner on this Independence Day.
Photo by KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images

Happy Independence Day everyone. NBA teams, including the Washington Wizards can still negotiate. But at this point, this will be the last daily thread I write for you to discuss moves, because the Wizards have effectively made all of their decisions at this point, barring a major trade.

Tomorrow, I’ll belatedly share our roundtable from the draft as we head toward the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas which starts this weekend.

While we are celebrating Independence Day at home, Brittney Griner is looking for hers from Russia

While you may be waiting to have a couple of hot dogs or halfsmokes to come out of the grill at this moment, the basketball world still waits for Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner’s safe release to the USA from Russia. She has been detained there since mid-February.

Griner’s trial started on July 1 in Moscow, but it’s unclear when it will end. And if she is convicted of drug possession charges, she may face years in prison. I encourage you to read this column on Griner by women’s basketball journalist Tamryn Spruill, who was a past site manager of Swish Appeal.

Tamryn also started a petition last February which I shared at the time. It now has nearly 300,000 signers. Click on the link below.

#WeAreBG. Happy Fourth of July