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The Wizards are in talks to trade for Donovan Mitchell, according to report

To be clear, the Wizards are not the favorites to land Mitchell.

Washington Wizards v Utah Jazz
A Beal and Mitchell backcourt anyone?
Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards are among several teams that are in discussions to make a trade for Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic last Friday. Other teams in the sweepstakes for Mitchell include the Charlotte Hornets and the New York Knicks, who are believed to be the favorites.

I didn’t focus on this news story yesterday because there was a more important story on the BF docket: The Mystics’ race for a Top-3 WNBA playoff seed, which they effectively gave up yesterday in their loss to the Seattle Storm. They play the Storm again today.

But even if the Mystics didn’t play yesterday, I don’t think this story is that big because I just don’t see how Mitchell becomes a great fit in Washington with Bradley Beal. Also, the Wizards, like any other team, chat about potential moves on a regular basis. First, the Knicks were already in discussions to get Mitchell for up to a couple weeks. Second, the Knicks have a much better trade package, including multiple first round draft picks. And third, the Wizards don’t have much to trade to get Mitchell, who will make more than $30 million next season. I guess the Wizards will have to trade Monte Morris and Kyle Kuzma at a minimum, so we see a Beal and Mitchell backcourt, right?

In short, I don’t think Mitchell will be a Wizards guard next year. But if you think this is a more plausible scenario, please let us know in the comments and what your trade package would be.