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Grant Hill likes Bradley Beal’s decision to stay with the Wizards

The TNT analyst and former NBA player likes seeing the Washington Wizards player stay home.

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Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat - Game Two
TNT analyst Grant Hill likes seeing Bradley Beal stay with the Wizards.
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Over the last couple days, I shared our most recent SB Nation Washington Wizards Reacts survey where most of you disapprove the direction the team is headed in. In particular, you do not like Bradley Beal’s no-trade clause.

TNT analyst, former NBA player and DMV native Grant Hill however, does endorse Beal’s decision to stay.

Last weekend, Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington interviewed Hill, who released “Game,” his autobiography. Hill also spoke about Beal’s decision to stay in Washington. Here is a snippet from that piece.

“It was a nice contract. I think it’s refreshing when you see athletes who want to stay in one place. Obviously, [Beal] could have maybe tried to go elsewhere. The team hasn’t had great playoff success in recent years, but he’s committed to the franchise, he’s committed to the area,” Hill told NBC Sports Washington.

Beal, unlike some other All-Star caliber players of today’s era, is taking a chance to stay with the Wizards despite their shortcomings. And while Hill never played for the Wizards during his professional career, it is certainly clear that he took notice.