Serbian Heritage Night?

Vasilije Micic

He is ready to play in nba but not in young okc team, Vasilije is 28 and okc hold's his right.

Teams like bulls, nuggets, pelicans, spurs, bucks are interested in his service. Should wizards also try?

Since morris is a good backup at best and Micic starts, It makes sense if he ever come here. Nuggets got murray, Bulls got ball, Spurs are almost a young team, Bucks got holiday, Pelicans maybe?

A Micic/Morris/Wright is a good point guard rotation.

Any trade offers we can present to okc?

Micic is asking for mid-level exception.

Euroleague MVP

Average 18.7 points a game, 4.5 assist and 4.5 rebounds.

Go For It?

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