Which Potential Backup Rotational NBA Player will the Wizards Draft at #10?

The Wizards are drafting at another 9-15 slot this year. Let's review the picks their Front Office have selected the last 4 NBA Drafts and figure which player they will add to the list of below average NBA players they will add to our roster.

2021- Corey Krispert #15. A nice player. Fringe Starter potential. On an Average 42 win NBA Team Corey will probably be a shooting specialist off the bench.

2020- Deni Avdija #9. No clue what the future holds for Deni. 2 years down and no significant progress. A huge boom or bust type player, who is looking more like the bust.

2019- Rui Hachimura #9. Just average on the Wizards. On an average team simply a role player. I hope all our Japanese Wizards fans are happy around the world.

2018- Troy Brown #15. Simply a bust. Wizards wasting all that time with him and Troy just simply did not progress.

Now that we see the exact type of player the Wizards like to draft between 9 and 15. Which below average NBA player do you think Shepard and the boys will select to add to the back of the rotation?

As for me I like players who have a little nasty streak in them. The Wizards do not. They like "Character" guys. Their method does not seem to be working.

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