Finish the Job: Hartenstein in Free Agency

The new lineups:






Adding Wright and Hartenstein along with giving two way contracts to Dunn and Pierria Henry will complete the team.

KP is very fragile and this will be his last year in DC. It's bad business to give a 7'3" chopstick over a $100 million contract which would go into his 30s. Gafford is under contract for a while but he is a chopstick as well. It would behoove DC to have a third center who is ready to play if KP misses half the season and to take over for KP in future seasons. Under no circumstance should Carey step on the court in a close game.

There are a lot of center free agents this summer. No reunion with Howard, McGee, Lopez, Monroe, or Bryant. Also no need for a slow center like Whiteside, Jordan, Dedmon, Dieng, or Cousins. Drummond, Nurkic, and Robinson are going to get paid. The top two choices for DC would be Isaiah Hartenstein or Damian Jones. If Hartenstein is too expensive then go get Jones. Hartenstein is the number one option because he is healthier, taller, and stronger.

Finally DC got some defense. See you all at the championship parade!

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