Why is Tommy Sheppard still making the Wizards 1st Round Draft Picks? He is batting 0%

Being a General Manager is easy to judge. You are either Great at being a Talent Evaluator or you SUCK.

Giving a General Manager 4 years and 5 #1 draft picks to work is enough to know whether you are a great talent evaluator or not.

The Wizards last 4 year Drafts has produced zero productive players. The jury is still out on Corey Kispert but it looks like he has a very low ceiliing. Great shooter, maybe an average Starter. Maybe...... Deni has had 2 years to develop and it does not look like he will get there. RUI is just a below average NBA player with a very low ceiling. Troy Brown... enough said. Let's not forget trading last years #22 1st round pick for Aaron Holiday and a 2nd round pick. Tommy SOLD FOR CASH MONEY Aaron Holiday (who does that?).

You know what they say about the Definition of Insanity: Tommy has the 10th pick in the draft and he is about to get the same type of player: A Troy Brown all the way to a Corey Kispert. DOING THE SAME THING AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS.

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