10 Deni and Todd for 21 30 and Morris

Morris / Smith / Rollins

Beal / Kispert

KCP / Beauchamp

Kuzma / Rui

Porzingis / Gafford / Carey

DC can not stay at 10 under no circumstance. Either DC does the Pacers trade to move up or DC has to move down and do this Denver trade to get a starting point guard.

Morris plays good defense and is a good floor general who can shoot. At 21 Beauchamp is a skywalker who will be a good wing defender. At 30 Rollins got handles.

DC would have to give up at least two 1st round picks plus a good player to get Ivey, Murray or SGA. This has no chance of happening.

I prefer the Pacers trade to get rid of the team's bad defenders, but I don't mind adding Morris and Beauchamp to get some perimeter defensive help.

Unfortunately Deni would be a casualty which DC should do to get a starting point guard. This is a top 6 team in the east.

If the Pacers say no offer this to Denver asap.

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