2nd Round Pick: Who can be our next Admiral Schofield?

Who are the "hidden gems" you've seen in the draft?

Have been looking into David Roddy:

  • The best offensive and defensive player on a top 25 college team (Colorado State).
  • Only 6-5 but with a 7 foot wingspan 8-9 standing reach, can actually play as a small ball 4.
  • Great BBIQ, fills the box score with assists, steals, blocks.
  • Very good rebounder. Could adequately rebound at the 4 position if needed.
  • Can theoretically score at all three levels, good ball handler.
  • #4 in the nation in OBPM, showing his box score stuffing correlates with team success.


  • Supposedly not very athletic, but did very well in the combine's agility trials and a 36 inch vertical isn't terrible. (better than admiral schofield)
  • Did not put together a full season of great shooting at both the 3 and FT line, although he looks capable
  • 260 pounds is probably too heavy for long term success in the NBA.
  • A tweener. But I think he could handle backup 4s defensively.
  • Lost first game of NCAA tournament, didn't look great.

To me he looks more like Draymond Green than Admiral Schofield. Unless I''m missing something, is there a reason he's going undrafted on most lists?? Definitely looks like a better prospect than Admiral Schofield. Although all this may be to say is that Admiral Schofield was just a very bad prospect...

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