10 ish kispert beal for 6 hield mcconnell brogdon

Brogdon / Sato / Mcconnell

Sharpe / Hield

KCP / Deni

Kuzma / Rui / Todd

Porzingis / Gafford / Carey

Many more defenders besides KCP and Deni with this team. Beal, Kispert and Ish were all bad defenders. My strategy the last 10 years on this site. Make team DC have 0 bad defenders and the team will win in the playoffs.

Beal's contract cancels out Hield, Brogdon and Mcconnell's 3 bad contracts. DC must also throw in Kispert to have a shot at the Pacers giving up the 6th pick. If the Pacers ask for Deni instead of Kispert by all means give them Deni and keep Kispert.

All DC has to do is very simple

1. Trade this deal with the Pacers

2. Draft Shaedon Sharpe at 6

3. Resign Sato

4. Pick up a couple of vet mins

5. Win Chip

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