DC move up to top 8

First DC needs to try to trade into the top 8. DC must draft either Sharpe, Daniels, Mathurin or Ivey or trade down. With Smith, Holmgren, Banchero and Murray you are looking at the top 8 picks. If DC stays at 10 and ends up drafting someone outside of these 8 it would be a horrible draft.

I would trade any player on the roster to get into the top 8. The rookie contract is nice that it is not expensive and the player is under team control for 4 years. Porzingis, Kuzma and KCP will all be gone after the season along with 5-8 others.

DC needs defensive players like Marcus Smart. Beal, KP and Kuzma can't win a title. Beal will never win a title because his defense is the worst in the league. Wherever he goes he will only try on offense. He can't dribble or pass. When a defense stops him he does what tatum and brown do which is turn the ball over.

Fundamentals are key. When you get stopped give your teammates a crisp pass so they can shoot or drive. Beal loves passing at the shoes, above the head or behind the player. It is obvious when Beal physically can't get a shot off he is disgusted and just throws it away. This is loser basketball that I'm tired of seeing.

2 years ago I would not have said this, but honestly I would take Smart over Beal straight up. Beal might score more, but Smart makes the other team not score and makes his teammates better. I'll take winning basketball over high scoring trash defense. Leonsis stop building this high scoring trash defense. Teams with Arenas, Jamison, Wall and Beal have no title shot.

I want Sharpe and if he is not available give me Daniels. DC trade into the top 8 and get this done.

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