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Tracy McGrady suggested that Bradley Beal should leave the Wizards in interview

Like Beal, McGrady was a prolific scorer on several NBA teams but never was on a championship-caliber team for most of his career.

New York Knicks v Orlando Magic
Tracy McGrady suggests that Bradley Beal should look elsewhere for his NBA career.
Photo by Gary Bassing/NBAE via Getty Images

One Hall of Fame player recently suggested that Bradley Beal should leave the Washington Wizards when he hits free agency.

Tracy McGrady was interviewed by NBC Sports Washington’s Chase Hughes, where he spoke in-depth about the Wizards’ franchise player. McGrady stated that he has followed Beal’s career closely in recent years. When asked about whether Beal should stay with the Wizards or favor a winning organization, McGrady effectively said that the Wizards don’t offer the latter. Here is the quote from Hughes’ article.

It all depends on where he’s at mentally in his career. Like, I know he wants to win a championship. Does he think he can win a championship in Washington? That’s a question I think he can answer based off of the history [he has] with the Washington Wizards,

McGrady, like Beal, was a multi-time All-Star and a prolific scorer during his NBA career. However, he never played on a championship-winning team and only made the NBA Finals once, in 2012-13 when he played six postseason games for the San Antonio Spurs, when they lost in the NBA FInals to the Miami Heat. McGrady’s stint with the Spurs in 2012-13 was also his last year in the NBA.

If Beal were to leave Washington outright without a sigh-and-trade deal, that would put the Wizards in a tough spot. But I won’t lie. I don’t think Beal would be able to be on a championship-caliber Wizards organization in the short to medium term if he were to sign a contract that could be up to $250 million over five years.