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#SoWizards podcast: Ghosts of Wizards Past

And a discussion of whether Nikola Jokic deserves MVP

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Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies - Game Two
How the Memphis Grizzlies built for Ja Morant contains lessons for the Washington Wizards.
Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

In this episode, Bullets Forever’s Marcus Atkinson joined Ron Oakes-Cunningham and me on the #SoWizards podcast for a fun conversation about the Wizards, fandom and whether Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic should be MVP this season.

We kicked around Ron’s theory that fans need time off once their favorite gets eliminated to recalibrate their basketball eye and reset expectations.

We also got into a conversation about effective team building, with a focus on the Memphis Grizzlies success assembling a deep and talented roster around Ja Morant. That evolved into some Memory Lane discourse that delved into the monumental organization-wide lack of foresight, poor strategic planning, and inability to provide meaningful support to young players who needed help to grow into the kinds of roles the team wanted them to fill.

The episode wrapped with Marcus and I continuing a conversation started on Twitter about Jokic, whether he’s a deserving MVP, and whether a team can make a deep run in the playoffs built around a player like Jokic.

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