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NBA Draft 2022: The Wizards are looking to find a “diamond in the rough” with the No. 10 pick

Wizards Director of Pro Player Personnel Antawn Jamison shared some insights earlier this week at the NBA Draft Combine.

Notre Dame v North Carolina
Antawn Jamison and the Wizards are looking to find someone who could help right away.
Photo by Peyton Williams/UNC/Getty Images

The NBA Draft Combine is happening right now in Chicago. Perhaps some of the players the Washington Wizards are looking at could be there, getting draft measurements and playing in scrimmages. It is also a chance for the front office to take a deeper look at their drive to be part of a future winning organization.

Wizards Director of Pro Personnel (and fan favorite player) Antawn Jamison spoke to play-by-play announcer Chris Miller of NBC Sports Washington earlier this week on what the Wizards are looking for at Pick No. 10. Jamison mentioned that the team is looking for a “diamond in the rough” who can contribute right away and perhaps be a star down the road.

One relatively recent No. 10 pick is familiar to Wizards fans, namely Caron Butler, who was drafted by the Miami Heat at that position in 2002. During his NBA career, Butler was a solid contributor early on for the Heat and Lakers from 2002-05, before spending the prime of his career with the Wizards from 2005-10.

Here’s hoping that the Wizards find that diamond next June.