Ish Smith, back with the Wizards, has been a pied piper for 12 NBA teams


It was Shane Battier who first warned him about the unpredictability of life in the NBA. Ish Smith might not have needed the lesson — as a skinny, undrafted point guard out of Wake Forest, he had zero notions that a career in the league he had just worked his way into was a paragon of stability. But Battier was a veteran teaching a rookie the ways of the world, so he said what he had to say. "He told me: ‘A lot of people think they’re not going to get traded. Well, you’re either getting traded early or you’re getting traded late.’ " Smith recalled. "I remember thinking: ‘I ain’t getting traded late. I’m going to find my way.’ " Watch rugby world cup live online direct stream on your time. 2y. livestreamsports24. Collection by. Live Stream Sports.