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Send us your Wizards and Mystics questions for a May 25 mailbag

Send us your questions!

2022 NBA Draft Lottery
Wes Unseld, Jr. doesn’t seem too pleased with the pick.
Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

It is time for the May mailbag! We now know that the Washington Wizards will pick 10th in the 2022 NBA Draft. Over the next few weeks, we will take a closer look at the players whom Washington may select there. The Washington Mystics have also begun their 2022 season and are off to a 4-1 season start despite missing key players like Alysha Clark and Elena Delle Donne at times. Could the Mystics be en route to a deep playoff run or am I speaking too soon?

Anyway, here’s how to get your question out there.

  • Email me: aleeinthedmv AT gmail DOT com
  • Comment on this post
  • Tweet at us or reply to us on Facebook with the hashtag #BFMailbag.

We’ll take submissions through 7 p.m. ET on Monday, May 23. We’ll have our mailbag on Wednesday, May 25.

Thank you and I hope you are continuing to enjoy the NBA Playoffs and/or the start of WNBA training camp!