Sharpe Ivey Daniels Mathurin or trade down for Beauchamp or Agbaji

DC has options to solve the Big Guard hole on the team. Dyson Daniels will most likely be the pick unless the Spurs take him and if this happens DC should trade down if Ivey and Mathurin are gone too. Obviously Sharpe will be gone by 10.

1. Draft Shaedon Sharpe who is the best player in this draft

2. Draft Jaden Ivey and make him starting PG on day 1.

3. Draft Dyson Daniels at 10 which would actually be good value as Lonzo Ball was drafted at 2.

3. Draft Bennedict Mathurin and hope that within the next 4 years he learns how to dribble a basketball better.

4. Trade down between 15-20 and get a 2023 1st round pick and draft Marjon Beauchamp or Ochai Agbaji and hope that they learn how to dribble.

If DC can make a trade to get into the top 4 and draft Sharpe that would be the best move. I don't care if DC traded the entire team. Seriously I would offer the entire team for Sharpe. Sharpe has more Jordan potential than Kobe had going into the draft. Sharpe is a franchise player. I called this on BF months ago and now the country is starting to catch up as he is moving up the draft board from outside the lottery to a top 5 pick this week.

DC needs two way players. DC needs strong players. No weaklings on this team going forward. DC could never play in the playoffs because they were always soft like tissue paper. Otto was never an offensive threat. Oubre had no idea how to play basketball. Troy Brown had no idea how to play basketball. Deni is not a threat on offense. Kispert is not good at defense.

Like I have posted before the small forward slash 3 and D position is dead. It is now called big guard. DC needs offensive dribbling threats. Sharpe, Ivey and Daniels are the three biggest offensive threats who can handle the ball. Mathurin is more of a guard than Otto, Oubre, or Deni so I am willing to take a chance on him at big guard. If these 4 are gone DC should trade down and try to get a 2023 1st round pick since they do not have one next season.

Is DC ready for Dyson Daniels to be the starting PG? Hopefully he will be better than Lonzo Ball.

Daniels / Sato

Beal / Kispert

KCP / Deni

Kuz / Rui

KP / Gaf

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