What is your draft board for the Wizards?

Who is your top 10 for the Wizards? If we pick best player available, then what players would you have on your board and in what order? Put your 10 in the comments.

Mine is

  1. Smith
  2. Ivey
  3. Paolo
  4. Chet
  5. Mathurin
  6. Keegan Murray
  7. Sharpe
  8. Griffin
  9. Dalen Terry
  10. Ochai Agbaji

We need players that can shoot and guard multiple positions. I would not draft anyone that can’t do those two things. My favorite player in this draft is Mathurin. I think he is gonna be a star. I also like his teammate Dalen Terry a lot. He can play and guard 1-3 and do a little of everything.

I left a lot of players off my list on purpose.

I don’t see it with Dyson Daniels. He can’t shoot and is not very fast. I don’t think it is ok to draft Sato clone with a top 10 pick.

I also don’t see it with Johnny Davis. He is also slow and doesn’t shoot the three. I don’t think he will be able to score at the NBA level.

People love to compare Tyty to Maxey but they are nothing alike. Maxey was elite at finishing at the rim in collage but Tyty can’t. I think Tyty will be a decent player but not a top ten draft talent.

I like Sochan a lot and I think he will be a good player in a couple years. He is just not the player the Wizards need right now.

I like Williams and Duren but I’m not drafting a center top ten unless they are Joel Embiid or Jokic level players.

In the comments put your top ten and also the players you wouldn’t draft and why.

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