Mathurin or Agbaji

In the 2022 NBA draft, I think the Wizards should target either Mathurin or Agbaji with their first round pick. Our guard play this past year was terrible. Mathurin and Agbaji are athletic and can shoot and at a minimum, be NBA caliber 3 and D players. So I think they have very high floors and will not bust. I would rather have Mathurin over Agbaji because I think he has a higher ceiling than Agbaji. He can handle the ball a little bit better, and I think he has the highest potential of being a primary ballhandler.

The other two guys I like are Malaki Branham and AJ Griffin but after watching both of them, I am not sure either has very good lateral quickness and I think that weakness will make it harder to get their shots up on the NBA level. They are both really young though so they have time to develop but right now, the quick twitch athleticism is not there.

Stop for a minute and think about an NBA lineup that features Branham, Kispert and Rui on defense. I don't think they are stopping anyone. But at a minimum, I believe Mathurin and Agbaji will be quality NBA defenders. They are already NBA caliber athletes and should be able to guard the opposing teams best wing.

What are your thoughts? If the Wizards target a wing, who would you like them to grab?

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