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SB Nation NBA Reacts Week 26 Results, Part 1: Wizards fan call the 2021-22 season disappointing

That’s the first word that comes to mind for me as well.

Orlando Magic v Washington Wizards
The Wizards season in one word is disappointing.
Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

Thank you for your responses to this week’s SB Nation NBA Reacts survey. To sign up for our national survey, click on the link below.

36 percent of Wizards fans are confident in the team

SB Nation

I feel just as confident as Kristaps Porzingis in this photo. Is he alright?!

Anyway, that was just an impromptu moment. About 250 people responded to this survey. Here’s why some of you are confident.

  • “Chemistry seems better. I’d like to see Beal traded. The Wizards seem to play better when he is out.”
  • “I’d be more confident if they get Wes Unheld Jr. more experience on his bench with a former head coach who specializes in defense. We have a good core of guys but someone needs to take a leap between Rui, Kuzma, or Deni. Kispert is going to be a solid shooter and backup SG for years in the mold of Kyle Korver but we need another star to be contenders.”
  • “If we re-sign Beal I think we have a good foundation with Kyle Kuzma, Beal and Kristaps Porzingis.”
  • “They are finally forced to give up on the season and focus on developing the young players.”
  • “At least they had some free or $10 ticket giveaways. Silver linings I guess.”

And why are many of you NOT confident?

  • “Winning out after being out of the playoffs is pointless. It is not something to build off of (like a recent NBC sports article tried to suggest/compare them to the Suns' 8-0 bubble run). They are surging right now because the younger players are getting time to play together and additional minutes. Add Kuz and Beal coming back next year and those minutes go away and they will be back in the same rotation hell experienced throughout this season. Wes is not going to spread play time out. There will be a lot of developmental minutes lost when Beal is back. And a Beal, KP, Kuz core is not going to be strong enough to truly contend next year. They will be a bottom-tier playoff team and continue their run on the treadmill of mediocrity.”
  • “We should have traded Beal and started a true rebuild. The current group may be a playoff team but there is not much chance of making noise in the playoffs.”
  • “It’s the same thing every year, we win pointless games at the end of the year to worsen our draft pick, and we have a poor draft record to boot.”
  • “Ted Leonsis is an atrocious owner, and Tommy Sheppard will clearly not be fired—even though this season is entirely his fault.”
  • “Mired in mediocrity---I don’t see a path forward to get out of this “treadmill to nowhere”.
  • “Not confident they have the right people in leadership positions. Ted Leonsis should sell the team, he is the main problem.”

Yeah, things aren’t going too well for us.

Bullets Forever’s WordCloud of the 2021-22 season

We asked you to describe this season in one word and found mostly negative trends. That wasn’t unexpected given that this season will end without playoff basketball.

The most common one-word response we had (over 200 in all) was “Disappointing” or some variation of it, like “Disappointed” or a misspelled variation of the word with 40 such responses. That was followed by 10 responses of “failure” or some variation of the word, like “failed opportunity.” In third place, seven people said “mediocre.” The word “Rollercoaster and “Typical” were tied for fourth place with six responses each.

There were some interesting words as well.

  • Two used the term #SoWizards. Another said #LesBoulez, using the local vernacular of Wizards fan misery to describe the year.
  • I expected some to use profanity to describe this season given that the Wizards have played lackluster basketball for most of the season. Two people called the year a “clusterfuck.” Another said it was just “shit.” Those respondents just wanted to say tha this season was a disaster.
  • There were more work-ppropriate slang words to describe this season as a disaster, such as calling it a “trainwreck” or a “dumpster fire.”
  • The most used slang word was “meh” with four responses. If you don’t know what “Meh” means, it generally is an expression to express a lack of interest, indifference or mild disappointment.

We will have one more survey at the end of the year to rate Wizards players next week. And our national results will come out this weekend. Thanks!

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