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NBA Playoffs open thread for April 17

2022 NBA Playoffs - Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Hi everyone. I hope you are enjoying the start of the 2022 NBA Playoffs. I apologize for not getting a thread in yesterday, but I was overwhelmed with getting my tax returns finalized and recovering from some other work matters. Also, the Mystics begin training camp tomorrow and I haven’t put my mind there yet because of last week being so crazy.

Not to mention, the Wizards’ season mercifully came to an end which gave me some time to focus on day job matters. So I’ve been overwhelmed because of all these coming at once the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, the schedule for today’s playoff games can be found below.

Enjoy playoff basketball, even though the Wizards unfortunately aren’t part of the conversation.