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SB Nation NBA Reacts Week 27 Results, Part 2: Our national results on play-in teams and more heading into the playoffs

The Wizards weren’t mentioned, but they just aren’t in the national storylines.

Washington Wizards v Atlanta Hawks
Time for our national results.
Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NBA. Each week we ask questions of the most plugged-in Washington Wizards fans and fans across the country. Sign up here to join Reacts.

Most people like the NBA Play-In Tournaments

SB Nation

72 percent like the fact that the NBA now has a play-in round before the first round on the playoffs which began this weekend. While the tournament winners aren’t expected to win a championship, it does disincentivize tanking to some degree. After all, look at the Washington Wizards’ season. They failed to make the play-in with a 35-47 record, And if you are a cynical fan, you will also add that they made some midseason trades to try to make another run for the 10th seed and the play-in next season.

90 percent thought the Nets would get into the Round of 16

SB Nation

A Kevin Durant-led Brooklyn team shouldn’t be out of the playoffs!

58 percent of fans thought the Hawks would make the Round of 16

Atlanta was the 9th seed in the Eastern Conference’s play-in tournament and has now won the 8th seed in the East after winning both games!

34% thought the Cavs would be in the Round of 16

SB Nation

Even with a record above .500, the Cavs STILL can’t make the first round of the playoffs! Okay, I should be quiet because I’m a Wizards fan....

18% thought the Hornets would advance

SB Nation

The SB Nation Reacts team apologizes for the photo error.

81 percent thought the Timberwolves would make it past the Western Conference play-in tournament

SB Nation

Minnesota was 46-36 this season and clearly the best team of the play-in field for the West. They are the No. 7 seed and facing off against the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round.

75 percent thought the Clippers would make the first round of the playoffs...

SB Nation

As the No. 8 team in the regular season standings, the Clippers lost two games in their play-in to enter the lottery. The fans got this one wrong.

23 percent thought the Spurs would make the first round

SB Nation

That’s a pretty good percentage for the No. 10 seed. But San Antonio lost their game and their season has come to an end.

21 percent thought the Pelicans would make it

SB Nation

SB Nation Reacts photo team: Are you Spurs fans trolling the Pelicans? After all, the Pels won two straight in the play-in round to make the first round!

And to be serious, the Reacts team apologizes for the SECOND photo error. Photoshops are welcome.

The Lakers were fans’ biggest disappointment this season

SB Nation

80 percent of national fans thought that the Lakers were the biggest disappointment. After all, the Russell Westbrook trade was supposed to give them a second championship ring in three years. Instead, they didn’t make the play-in!

On that note, here in D.C., we have an NBA team that was an even BIGGER disappointment? Washington Wizards? 10-3 start and 25-44 finish? From first to 12th in the East?

But why weren’t the Wizards a choice in the first place? My guess is because the Wizards just weren’t highly thought of by the national folks, so there wasn’t much to be disappointed about.

That alone may speak volumes.

The Grizzlies were the biggest surprise team this season with 53 percent of the vote

SB Nation

If there’s a very disappointing team, there must be another that is just as surprising in a good way. Most NBA fans thought the Grizzlies’ 56-26 campaign this season qualifies.

We will have more national surveys as the playoffs continue and we’ll share the results of them as they come out!

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