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SB Nation NBA Reacts Week 25 Results, Part 2: National fans believe the Celtics will win the top seed in the Eastern Conference

Here are the national results!

Boston Celtics v Washington Wizards
Fans are optimistic about the Boston Celtics!
Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

Thank you for your responses to this week’s SB Nation NBA Reacts survey. To sign up for our weekly national survey, click on the link below.

The Celtics are the fans’ top pick to be the No. 1 seed in the East

SB Nation

The Eastern Conference playoff race is very close at the top with the top four seeds all within 4.5 games of each other as of games played before Thursday, Mar. 31.

The Celtics are fourth in the East with a 47-30 record and are two games behind the Miami Heat for the top seed. But since they have been on a hot streak in recent weeks, 41 percent of fans believe they will earn the No. 1 seed and home court advantage through the Eastern Conference Finals.

Fans believe the Cavaliers will end up in the play-in tournament

SB Nation

The Cavs are seventh in the East with a 42-34 record, two games behind the Raptors for the sixth seed. So it wasn’t a surprise that 43 percent believe they will have to play an extra game or two to make the Round of 16.

Most fans think the Nets will be the No. 8 seed in the East

SB Nation

Fifty-nine percent of the national respondents believe the Brooklyn Nets will be eighth in the East. Given that they were preseason Finals favorites, could they still make a deep run in the postseason despite a not-so-great regular season?

Most fans think the Minnesota Timberwolves will be a play-in team in the West

SB Nation

The Wolves are 43-34 this season and are seventh in the West. They are 2.5 games behind the Utah Jazz for the sixth seed, so I agree with the 67 percent of fans who believe they will have to play an extra game to make the playoffs this season.

Sixty two percent of national fans think the Lakers will miss the playoffs!

SB Nation

Hey, the Wizards beat the Lakers at home! The Lakers are 31-44 this season and just half a game ahead of the San Antonio Spurs for the 10th seed! They lost seven of their last ten games while the Spurs have gone 6-4 in their last 10 games! So much for Russell Westbrook helping them make another championship run!

Fans are most interested in the 9th vs. 10th seed race in the West based on a plurality.

SB Nation

The New Orleans Pelicans and Lakers (or the Spurs if they overtake LA) projected play-in game will be the most interesting one, according to 33 percent of respondents. Given how close the race for the top seed in the East is, I’m surprised that this choice was second place with 28 percent.

It would be interesting to see which teams’ fanbases were biased toward the West and East for this particular question.

Thanks again everyone and we will have our next set of SB Nation NBA Reacts results next Monday!

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