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#SoWizards Podcast Alert: Talking Pacers, Wizards and more with Mark Schindler from Basketball News

Washington Wizards v Dallas Mavericks
How good a job is Wizards head coach Wes Unseld Jr. doing?
Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

Is it bad form to say your own podcast has a great episode? If so, I’m the Jamaal Wilkes of podcasting. Here’s a YouTube link to his shot (and some other “bad form” shooters) for the youngs in the audience.

In this episode, Mark Schindler, a contributor at Basketball News, joined Ron and me to Wizards and Pacers stuff. Mark is an excellent basketball writers and a must read for those who want insight into the NBA. He has a specialty of sorts for the Indiana Pacers, but he covers the entire league with a focus on player development and progression, while also keeping up with college scouting and eyeing the NBA Draft. Give him a follow him on Twitter @MSchindlerNBA.

We hit on an array of topics, including Pacers G-League superstar Terry Taylor (the 6-5 “big”), and the newly-acquired Tyrese Haliburton. We discussed just how big an a-hole Indy coach Rick Carlisle is. We also talked Wizards, including whether Wes Unseld Jr. is doing a good job, the relative merits of the players on the Wizards roster, and whether the team should be so gung ho about giving Bradley Beal a supermax contract.

Talking hoops with Mark and Ron was a treat, and...this is a great episode.

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.