Things are looking rocky again in Utah, could the Wizards pry away Donovan Mitchell?

Beginning with the 2020 bubble playoffs, the Jazz have a had rocky run of play, with the most notable friction being between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. They have had some pretty high highs and may feel they have enough talent to be a borderline contender, but barring a playoff run this spring they haven't had a ton to show for it, and the window on Rudy Gobert's elite D is likely closing soon. Perhaps a shakeup makes sense, and even if they don't want a shakeup, perhaps their hand will be forced by one of their stars.

If they decide they want to move Mitchell, do the Wizards have what it takes to make a competitive offer? And would it be worthwhile to do so?

Looking at the first question, I think the answer is yes. What would a deal look like? How about Kuzma, Kispert, our 2022 top 10 pick and a future 1st? From a logistics standpoint, any trade of our 2022 1st would need to occur on draft night, or later. Additionally, moving a future 1st would likely require renegotiating our deal with OKC. Cap-wise we may need to add another minor contract or a third team (OKC?) to make it work, but these are small hurdles, nothing like what was needed to get that Dinwiddie deal done.

Is that enough for Utah? Not sure, but it falls in line with other deals for similar players. Mitchell is an all-star, but not a superstar. He has youth but I think a return like the Magic got for Vucevic is about right, which was two 1st's, WCJ, and no long term $. Kispert is not as good as WCJ, but has more team control. The 1st's would be similar, and then Kuzma does have more time on his deal but given Utah would not be entering a tank that might not be a bad thing, especially given Kuzma (who went to Utah) might be able to contribute there. I'm not totally sure what Utah would want in a return, but it's not like they are just going to be able to trade him for some other disgruntled star very easily, so getting back picks and a movable contract allows them to continue to shop.

As to the second question, would this trade be worthwhile, on this one I am a definitive "yes". While I'm not the biggest proponent of paying Beal this super-max, I understand it, and no matter if I approve or not it appears to be happening. But what does a super-maxed Beal, Porzingis, and an MLE PG get us? Probably the play-in, at best. For this reason, if we are going to resign Beal, I think it is essential that we push all the way in. Signing Beal might be a mistake, but signing him and then sitting tight is an even bigger one.

That would leave us with Mitchell-Beal-KCP-Deni-Porzingis with Rui (maybe Rui starts over KCP), Ish and Gafford on the bench. It would fill a huge need of identifying another star and shot creator, but wouldn't do a whole lot for our perimeter D, and the bench would definitely need some G reinforcements, but what else is new. Is that a lineup worth sacrificing two picks and Kispert for? Is that a lineup that could maybe compete with the top of the East? I'm not sure if it is, but I think it at least has a shot at a top 4 seed. I'm more sure that resigning Beal and making no other major moves is not going to be the answer, and the accompanying picks in the 9-15 range aren't going to help a ton either. What do you guys think?

PS Some of you may have seen me make the argument for an SGA deal. I think either one could be in play, but this Jazz tension continues to grow so this seemed more relevant

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