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Wizards release cherry blossom-themed City Edition jerseys for 2022-23 season

The Wizards will have a shade of pink for many games next season. Why can’t these jerseys be out right now though!?

Shawn Hubbard for the Washington

On Tuesday, the Washington Wizards released their City Edition jerseys for the 2022-23 NBA season, which are pink in color and with cherry blossom trim. The release noted that the Wizards will also have a new court next season when they wear the City Edition jerseys at home games.

Forward Kyle Kuzma, who is the Wizards’ fashion guru, (and infamous for wearing Belgian designer Raf Simons’ pink sweater last fall), did a photo shoot at the Japanese Embassy and also a video which you can see below.

While Washington is having Cherry Blossom Night (with the blossoms in full bloom) in a game against the Chicago Bulls (as I write this), the Wizards are not wearing these jerseys. That’s presumably because of NBA regulations. Again, we won’t see Washington don these jerseys until next season.

Let us know how much you like next season’s jerseys in the comments below.