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Wizards vs. Bulls GameThread

Washington Wizards v Chicago Bulls Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards play the Chicago Bulls tonight at 7 p.m. ET. Watch the game on NBC Sports Washington. Listen on 106.7-2 FM or The Team 980.

Obviously, DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine are the Bulls’ top two scoring threats and they may very well have no problem having their way against the Wizards tonight — if they win. But I also hope the Belgian Beast, aka Nikola Vucevic, doesn’t have a field day against D.C. While he hasn’t been in the spotlight like DeRozan or LaVine, he has still been super, super consistent with his scoring and rebounding output this season.

Hopefully, we’ll have one more feel-good win tonight, play-in or no play-in.

See you after the game. Go Wizards!