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Wizards vs. Nuggets GameThread

Another west coast team, but this time at home...

Washington Wizards v Denver Nuggets Photo by C. Morgan Engel/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards play the Denver Nuggets tonight. Washington is coming off a 4-game losing streak in the west coast and hope to get a win at home. They haven’t won a game since March 6 and keep falling deeper out of the play-in tournament. With about 15 games left on their schedule, it’s not looking good. At this moment the Wizards are prepping for the following season as this season seems to come to a close real quick

The Nuggets are currently in sixth in the Western Conference after a close win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Nikola Jokic is the star of the Denver Nuggets and the team will soon have Jamal Murray back in time for the playoffs which makes them a big threat out of the West.

.The battle of tonight will definitely be Jokic vs Kristaps Porzingis. Who will dominate the paint and perimeter shooting? Getting a hold on Jokic could be the break Washington needs for tonight?