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SB Nation NBA Reacts Week 16 Results, Part 1: Wizards fans are very pessimistic heading to the trade deadline

Fan confidence is down to 13 percent.

Washington Wizards v Philadelphia 76ers
Washington Wizards fan confidence has plummeted.
Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Thank you for your responses to this week’s survey. Let’s get to our Washington Wizards fan survey results. The national results will come out tomorrow.

Wizards fan confidence plummets to 13 percent

SB Nation

Last week, fan confidence was 36 percent. This week, it’s just 13.

Anyway, here’s why fans were confident:

  • “Overall rebuild-wise, they made the right moves this off-season. Yes, they a slumping but it just hopefully tells them they need to move some players to keep building instead of building around this group.”
  • “First, they got out from under the John Wall contract. Second, almost every player on the roster is trade-able. Third, fans need to keep in mind the bigger picture. It was always going to take several years to clean up the mess that Grunfeld left behind. The 10-3 start to the season got fans jacked up, but the current roster was never going to be competing for a top seed in this year’s East.”
  • “It is always darkest before the dawn. The Wizards have a few veterans who have experience with the downs of average NBA teams during an 82-game season, and that will provide the team with leadership to get through this mid-season slump and start winning games.”

And why fans are not confident:

  • “What reason over the history of this franchise do we have to be confident especially during a losing streak?”
  • “First, Beal is holding the franchise hostage. Second, Deni, who I think has the highest ceiling, can’t be developed properly in the direction of the team. Third, Wes Unseld, Jr. overvalues the vets even when they play badly. Finally, Ted has zero ability to see the longer picture and all he cares is about the ‘now.’”
  • “They should have traded Beal a year ago when his stock was sky-high. That said, he still can return some useful assets for their future. They need to trade away any player that they don’t think will be a major contributor in 2026.”
  • “This question needs clarification. Some respondents have Indicated that making the play-in tournament is headed in the right direction. Also, if the Wiz make a trade, tank, make the lottery and go into rebuild mode, this could be considered as headed in the right direction for some folks. Bottom line, if the Wiz stay the course and sign Beal to a SuperMax, this will lead to disaster. Trading Beal or simply letting him walk is a much better option. Since it appears the Wiz Front Office will continue to blunder, the official vote is No.”
  • “After feeling confident for most of the season, I think they’ve lost their way. They’ve got lots to figure out, including rotations, who they’re going to keep and who they’re going to trade. They’ve got lots to figure out if they’re going to get back on track. I do believe a Beal trade is going to happen by the deadline.”

We had 467 respondents in this week’s survey. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Most Wizards fans believe the team should rebuild at the trade deadline

SB Nation

Sixty-six percent of respondents believe the Wizards should rebuild. 29 percent believe they should make a trade for a key player as part of a playoff push. Five percent wanted the Wizards to stay the course.

Most Wizards fans think the Wizards will try to make a playoff push anyway

SB Nation

Though most respondents believe the Wizards should rebuild, 58 percent of you believe that the Wizards will do the exact opposite: double down on a playoff push by getting a key player. 29 percent of you believe the team will stay the course and 13 percent of you believe that the Wizards will go for a rebuild.

Wizards fans believe that Montrezl Harrell is the player most likely to be traded at the deadline

SB Nation

Of a list of several players, 40 percent of respondents believe that Montrezl Harrell is the player most likely to be traded. Here is where other players rank:

  • Spencer Dinwiddie: 27%
  • Davis Bertans: 16%
  • Bradley Beal: 12%
  • Kyle Kuzma: 2.7%
  • Daniel Gafford: 2.3%

Thanks again for your responses. Our national survey questions will be out tomorrow.

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