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SB Nation NBA Reacts Week 18 results, Part 1: Wizards fan confidence rebounds and your grades of the trades

Things are improving for the Wizards, at least in part due to the trades.

Sacramento Kings v Washington Wizards
Kyle Kuzma continues to have a great season for the Washington Wizards.
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Thank you for your responses to this week’s SB Nation NBA Reacts survey. Here are the Washington Wizards survey results.

Wizards fan confidence rebounds to above 50 percent!

SB Nation

Fan confidence has rebounded to 53 percent! Last week it was just ... five percent. Things have improved by over ten times, at least based on the percentage of fans being confident in the team.

Why are fans confident? The trades, including the one for Kristaps Porzingis. And here’s a sampling of fans who are taking a glass half-full approach.

  • “Solid nucleus and active front office that isn’t afraid of taking risks. The roster has been made over in less than two years and has gotten younger and more adaptable to different opponents”
  • “Managed to improve the locker room without worsening the Salary Cap or giving away young assets.”
  • “Sheppard is doing his level best with the bums we have. Should have traded beal, kept Dinwiddie Harrell and Kuzma and build from there. We would’ve got a nice package for Beal who is overrated at best if he wasn’t injured.”
  • “Tommy Sheppard continues to shed bad contracts for unwanted ballplayers who are good. Coach Unseld Jr. is a solid hire and will continue to mold this team into a contender.”

Some fans are still not confident. Here’s why:

  • “I’ve come to the realization that the Wiz are still the Bullets who always picked up the stars past their prime or the project players or the guys in physical therapy trying to recover from injury. A hodgepodge of cast-offs that look decent on paper. Then everyone blames the coach. Trades are always trading our mistakes for someone else’s or our troublemakers (Dinwiddie and Bertans) for someone’s hospital patient (Porzingis).”
  • “We will have to address the PG issue again, but Dinwiddie was not the answer. He needed the ball to be effective and that was not the case with Brad being the ball-dominant guard.”
  • “The mystery about Beal re-signing or not, although I do think the trade for Porzingis helped. But there are questions around his health and the fact that he has yet to play still gives me no confidence in the franchise.”
  • “We have no direction. We’re trying to build the roster around our franchise player (Bradley Beal) who is in fact not a franchise-changing player, at least in a positive way. Yet, it appears we’re going to pay him like one.”

Wizards fans give the Porzingis trade a B, and the other trades a C.

SB Nation

Over 80 percent gave the Kristaps Porzingis trade an A or B with the B’s winning out. Not bad!

SB Nation

The Ish Smith and Vernon Carey, Jr. trade had a median grade of C. Only 7 percent gave an A and 33 percent gave a B.

SB Nation

The Aaron Holiday trade to the Phoenix Suns also had a median grade of C, but it also leaned quite heavily toward the D and F range where over 40 percent gave negative marks. Anecdotally, perhaps trading him for cash considerations instead of a late draft pick may be why.

We will share our national results from our surveys tomorrow and over the weekend!

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