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SB Nation NBA Reacts Week 17 results, Part 2: 95 percent of fans aren’t confident in the team as we head into trade deadline day

Here are your results, and use this space to talk about the NBA Trade Deadline.

Miami Heat v Washington Wizards
Things just aren’t going well for the Wizards right now.
Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Thank you for taking the time to fill out TWO WASHINGTON WIZARDS FAN SURVEYS on this hectic NBA Trade Deadline Week! Here are the results of the survey from last Monday, before Beal’s injury.

Let’s get right to it!

95 percent of Wizards fans believe that the Wizards are headed in the wrong direction!

SB Nation

When the Wizards have lost eight of their last ten games and were down by 30 in each of their last two games, this is the end result.

Why were some fans confident? Here are some responses?

  • “When you ride for the brand you ride all the way.”
  • “NY is terrible, ATL has problems too. I believe the Wiz can make the play-in from the 10th spot.”
  • “Deep Roster with trade assets, just have to trade them for something.”
  • “This is a long-term process, to overcome all the damage Ernie Grunfeld did. The Wizards are just starting on a long road. I’ll be much more confident if they trade Bradley Beal and get first round draft picks for Brad and for Montrezl Harrell. They stand to lose both guys anyway. Brad is not a max player so Wizards could get outbid. Trez is in his last few months.

And .... why are fans NOT confident?

  • “I no longer believe that the vision of the team we had at the beginning of the season is attainable (a solid 2/3 tier playoff team). I don’t think the goal was to be fighting for the 10th seed. I don’t even know what direction we are going.”
  • “Negative energy is off the charts, no plan, feels like the same old Wizards. There is no competence anywhere in the organization. We have decent players, we are minimizing their value and unable to do anything with them. We suck.”
  • “Monumental Sports & Entertainment is a destination for the rich to get richer without fear of accountability. Players and Front Office Executives spoon-feed Ted Leonsis exactly what he wants to hear, to continue signing checks. The thought of paying Beal $235 million to bounce balls off his foot and clang balls off the rim is about as appealing as listening to him recite his speech before interviews….But that IS Monumental Sports.”
  • “Wes Unseld, Jr. no longer seems to know what he’s doing. The center rotation is a mess and Wes doesn’t seem to want to establish a rotation and stick to it. If nothing happens by the trade deadline, they may not even meet Vegas’ prediction of 34 wins.”
  • “Not trading Beal for Ben Simmons, as it seems is the Wizards’ likeliest course of action, is a catastrophically short-sighted mistake that will doom the organization to mediocrity or worse for years to come.”
  • “This has been a bad few weeks. I almost feel sick watching this team.”

Most fans believe the Wizards will make a trade at the deadline

SB Nation

The Wizards haven’t made a trade as of the overnight hours on Wednesday, but it still seems that something will happen soon.

Trade Deadline Open Thread

Feel free to use this post as your NBA Trade Deadline Open thread as well. We will share the Beal survey later tonight or tomorrow. I need to get some rest!

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