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December Mailbag: Answers to your Wizards emails and comments, Part 1

Here is the first part to our mailbag.

Washington Wizards v Chicago Bulls
Could Delon Wright help the Wizards’ woes at point guard?
Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

Thank you for your questions for this month’s mailbag. I have some of your email responses here. I’ll have the answers to your comments for tomorrow. Happy Festivus everyone!

How will the Wizards fix their point point guard situation? Bradley Beal is not the answer there, and the Wizards really could have used Tyrese Haliburton last year (Ron Agnir)

In the short run, Delon Wright could (and was expected) to be a short term solution, though he was never expected to be a floor general who could average 7-8 assists per game over the season. But as you noted, the Wizards need to look for a true medium to long term solution at the point guard position. The draft appears to be the most realistic way to address that need for now.

Albert, has anyone ever approached you about starting a fan union? As fans, we endured Abe Pollin’s poor management of the Wizards only to face Ted’s poor decisions, which you and your staff have eloquated so well. You have polled fans and have come up with an F regarding the direction of the Wizards. I think it is time the fans boycott, picket, and demonstrate against the Wizards ownership. Ted is not listening to us and he has to pay for it. God help us if he buys the Nationals. (David Kisai)

I don’t think boycotts in the form of not buying merchandise will do much to force Ted Leonsis’ and Monumental Sports & Entertainment’s hands toward moving in a different direction with the franchise.

As for boycotting games, the Wizards are already last in arena utilization in the NBA and things haven’t changed. Maybe if fewer fans go to the games, it could get some eyeballs D.C.’s way. As for fan demonstrations, that may the most effective in my opinion because it allows voices to be heard with the media that goes beyond this site ,The Athletic or the sports section of The Washington Post.

I haven’t been approached about being a fan union leader, but I do appreciate that you have been thinking about me in that type of unofficial capacity!

Why has Vernon Carey Jr. only received 5 minutes total of Wizards playing time this season, and none since November 28? (CDKA)

Sort of like why Johnny Davis is not playing for Washington: it’s not like either will help the Wizards win more games. And to this point, the Wizards’ goal, to them (not to fans), is to make the playoffs, even if it means sneaking in as a play-in team.

Do you think the Wizards are actively tanking or are they trying to win, but simply terrible? Related to that, do you think Tommy will make moves by the trade deadline to try and make the roster better now, or are the Wizards going to be sellers and try to add assets that will help them in the future (picks, young players)? (Gaboshyn)

Like my answer to CDKA, the Wizards are trying to win games. They are just doing a bad job at that. If they were actively tanking at this point, they would be more likely to sit two of Bradley Beal, Kristaps Porzingis and Kyle Kuzma instead of one during an injury.

Genuine question- How much more crap do we gotta see from the Wizards before we blow this crap show up? (endos2000)

Barring a major off-the-court incident (and the Wizards had that in 2009), I don’t see the Wizards blowing up in the middle of this season unless some combination of Kuzma, Porzingis and/or Beal demand trades from Tommy Sheppard. Otherwise, that move may not happen until the summer.