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The vast majority of Wizards fans have NO confidence in the team’s direction right now

Things are not going well for the Washington Wizards right now. At all. And fans are sick and tired of it.

Washington Wizards v Chicago Bulls Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

On Friday, I posted a poll about how confident you are in the Washington Wizards’ team direction. Again, since the SB Nation Reacts team is getting back to speed after being under the weather recently, I haven’t been able to put out weekly polls and get infographics a few days later. So instead, I used our old-school polls in the content management systems and give you quick soundbites.

Of 418 respondents on Friday’s poll (which ended at 12 p.m. ET yesterday), 306, or 73 percent gave the Wizards a “1” on a scale of 1-5 for confidence in team direction. A “1” means that a respondent has absolutely NO confidence, while a “5” means that a fan feels fully confident. An additional 81 people gave the Wizards a “2.” So either way, 92 percent of Wizards fans clearly aren’t confident in the team’s direction.

Given the time that the poll was released, it was BEFORE the Clippers game yesterday afternoon, where the Wizards lost their NINTH straight game, 102-93!

Why are the overwhelming majority of Wizards fans not confident? Let’s a take a look at our comments!

  • jheid: Are you kidding? I do not have time to write a book that is as long as “War and Peace” to display my lack of confidence in the direction of this team.
  • Wall2Beal4Three: I think this is the least interested I’ve become as a fan since I started posting here. We are bad and I feel like ownership doesn’t hold management accountable at all.
  • HUwizardsfan: I [have] no confidence in this team whatsoever until they can determine a direction to go in. And if they can dump some of these expiring contracts (Kuzma, KP, Rui, Barton) for picks and keep losing most of the games, then I might go up [from] a 1.
  • Gaboshyn: This is the first time I couldn’t answer this question. I couldn’t answer because I’m not exactly sure what exactly is the team’s direction. ... If the direction is to keep trying to win, I’d give [the Wizards] a 1. If the direction is to tank/rebuild, I’d give a 3. It’s the right direction, but they’ll still mess it up.
  • CityofOaks: I voted 5 cause I’m fully confident that there is no plan/direction.
  • Rook6980: It is WAY past time this team was blown up and rebuilt. The problem is that they have hamstrung themselves by giving Brad Beal a no-trade clause. He can now essentially choose where he wants to go - and the Wizards have relinquished any realistic bargaining power.

And here are some Twitter replies to our post asking about your confidence in the Wizards:

Again, thanks for answering in our poll and getting into the Festivus spirit! Dec. 23 can’t come soon enough!