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Most Wizards fans think the team will win no more than one game on their road trip

Given how poor things have gone in Washington, this is no surprise.

Washington Wizards v Denver Nuggets Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

While the SB Nation Reacts team gets back on track after being under the weather recently, I’m not slowing down with fan polls. The content management system allows me to write up polls in real time, though I don’t get the graphics up as nicely.

Anyway, let me share you the results of a poll earlier this week, which was on how many wins you believe the Washington Wizards will get for their six-game road trip.

Out of 141 responses, 61 people, or 43 percent believe that Washington will win only once. Thirty six (or 26 percent) more people voted that they will win twice. And 30 people (or 21 percent) believe the Wizards will lose all six of their games. Just less than 10 percent (or 14 people out of 141) voted that the Wizards would win three or more games.

The biggest takeaway I have is that Wizards fans are very pessimistic about the short term. After all, 91 people, or 64.5 percent of people who voted in this poll believe that the Wizards are not winning more than one game in their road trip.

After all, Washington lost to the Denver Nuggets, 141-128 to kick off their road trip. I’m not confident this trend will change in the near future.