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Wizards at Nuggets preview: Washington begins six-game road trip out west with Denver

Washington has a date with Jamal Murray and the Joker!

Brooklyn Nets v Washington Wizards Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images

Game Info

Game Time: Wednesday, December 14 at 9 p.m. ET

Where: Ball Arena, Denver, Colorado

How to watch: NBC Sports Washington


WIZARDS— Kristaps Porzingis, QUESTIONABLE (back); Bradley Beal, QUESTIONABLE (hamstring); Monte Morris, QUESTIONABLE (groin); Delon Wright, OUT (hamstring); Rui Hachimura, OUT (ankle)

NUGGETS— Michael Porter, Jr., OUT (heel); Collin Gillespie, OUT (leg)

Pregame Notes

The Washington Wizards need to break the seven-game losing streak they’re currently on as well as they’re also winless in the month of December. This season is not looking too bright for the Wizards as one-third of the season has come and gone and they’re at this point fighting for just a play-in spot. That wouldn’t be enough as it seems any team can crush the Wizards at this point. The teams they can beat…they don’t and the teams they come close to beating…Wizards simply just fall apart.

What is shown to work for Washington isn’t being capitalized upon because of what’s the norm and simply bad coaching by Wes Unseld Jr. At some point the hire of Unseld Jr. needs to be thoroughly gone over and reevaluated. There are players who deserve more minutes and lineups that need to be changed. An example is that Jordan Goodwin should start over Monte Morris, not because Morris is injured but because Goodwin flows better with the offense and has been stellar on defense. In this case we’ll see what happens when Morris comes off the injury report.

The Wizards have a tough west coast road trip ahead of them. It’s not looking like they’ll come out victorious but you never know. First up is the Denver Nuggets where Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic will be waiting for them. Washington has some injuries and outside speculations regarding Kyle Kuzma that could be a hindrance and distraction for the team. However even when things were going good the wins weren’t exactly piling on to begin with.