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SB Nation Reacts: Wizards fan confidence drops as record falls down to earth

Our fan confidence figure is probably inflated because the survey closed well before yesterday’s game.

Philadelphia 76ers v Washington Wizards
Yeah, things are not going to well with Wizards fans.
Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Thanks everyone for filling out our most recent SB Nation Reacts survey this week. The results are below.

Fan confidence drops to 30 percent after losing streak

SB Nation

Our survey closed before last night’s thrashing by the Brooklyn Nets. Only 30 percent of fans said that they felt the team is heading in the right direction.

Why do some fans think things are going in the right direction?

  • “They have a starting center who produces a very good PER for them (27.7 in 17 games last season and 23.9 so far this season), he fits well into his #1 role, and he seems to be happy playing with the Wizards. Many of the Wizards players have shown they can be part of a pretty good defense.”
  • “The eye test of watching the team play reveals a team that is enjoying playing the game of basketball. Players are able to compete at a high level. It is fun watching this team play.”
  • “They are a class organization firstly. They focus on character. They have a reputation for taking care of their star players, Gilbert, John, Brad, Porter, etc. unfortunately some don’t pan out (Mahinmi)“

And why are fans not feeling confident about the Wizards?

  • “Tough Eastern Conference.”
  • Multiple people said “Johnny Davis.”
  • “Bad 3pt shooting and bad 3pt defense will not succeed in this league. Our only hope seems to be 2nd year player, Corey Kispert, coming back from injury on fire.”

A majority of fans approve of Bradley Beal’s and Myisha Hines-Allen’s Halloween costumes

SB Nation
SB Nation

I decided to finish this week’s survey on a happy note. Thankfully, most of you were happy with Beal’s and Hines-Allen’s costume choices.