The G-League Guys Are Playing Better Than Most Of Our Players

We needed a point guard and morris is not the answer, Delon is still out and cannot be a starter right away while he fully recovers from injury. Tommy waive shackel and signed dotson.

Since a trade for quickley or rose is not happening and free agent kemba is going to dallas. Here is a better option than dotson.

A) James Akinjo

46℅ from 3, 19 points a game, 11 assist per game, 3 rebounds per game, 1 steal per game.

B) Sharife Cooper

26 points a game, 44℅ from 3, 1 steal per game, 3 rebounds per game, 6 assist per game.

C) Gabe York

27 points a game, 3 steals a game, 4 rebounds a game, 4 assist per game, 37℅ from 3.

D) Jamaree Bouyea

17 points a game, 7 rebounds a game, 5 assist per game, 2 steals per game, poor shooting though 29℅ from 3.


Barton is playing very very poorly right now, And a gleaguer can play better than will.

There is goodwin + if they want to try others

Jaden Hardy 27 points a game, 47℅ from 3, but 4 turnovers a game.

Mason Jones 20 points a game, 44℅ from 3 but, also 4 turnovers a game.

Louis King 25 points a game and 2 steals per game

Jay Scrubb 24 points a game

Nate Hinton 15 points a game, 2 steals per game.

Then at the center spot

Jay Huff is playing better than gibson right now, Maybe even gafford, The only problem is he doesn't shoot 3s.

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