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Why hasn’t NBC Sports Washington changed its name after Monumental Sports bought it?

It’s because any such changes take time and there is a transition process in place. That said, it’s likely that NBC Sports Washington will change its name next season.

Washington Wizards and Memphis Grizzlies Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Monumental Sports & Entertainment announced that they would purchase NBC Sports Washington last August, and the news was official last September. Given that the news happened right before the start of the Washington Wizards’ and Capitals’ season, it made sense to also change the network name. After all, may it could be ... Monumental Sports TV or something like that?

There is a reason why NBC Sports Washington is still called NBC Sports Washington. According to the official release last September, NBC Sports Washington will still be operated by NBCUniversal for up to 18 months. The network name will likely change before next season, or in 2023-24.

Once the 2023-24 NBA season happens, we will probably see Chris Miller and Drew Gooden represent a network of a different name.

NBC Sports Washington was founded as Home Team Sports in 1984 and has gone through several name changes since then. It has been the only regional sports network for Wizards games.