Spoelstra spanks Unseld again and again. DC is a Spo away from being good.

No Butler No Tatum No problem

DC is getting so many gifts this year but still can't consistently beat teams missing best players and multiple starters. Almost all of the wins are counterfeit.

Spoelstra's zone defense whooped Unseld's offense. Also Unseld can't get this team to get back on defense. Miami scores on so many inbound plays while Unseld can't seem to draw anything up to score.

Porzingis should shoot 25 times a game when his defender is 6'9 and under. Unseld should tell the team to feed KP the ball every time down the court and clear the side.

DC actually has their deepest roster in 43 years and are wasting it. DC has two months to figure this out or bye bye KP and Kuz. They should get traded for 1st round picks and DC will be awful until Beal is off the team.

The other option is DC plays smarter by feeding KP and Rui in the paint along with letting Kuzma drive into the paint every other possession. DC needs to get an identity quick, fast and in a hurry. Whoever don't play defense bench em.

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