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November Wizards mailbag answers, Part 2

Here are some more answers to your questions this month.

Charlotte Hornets v Washington Wizards
Is Kyle Kuzma valuable enough for a lottery draft pick?
Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

Here is the second part of our mailbag. The first is here. Enjoy!

According to tankathon, the Wizards have the fourth-easiest remaining schedule. They clearly have more depth and more ways of winning games than in previous seasons. Could Washington be a .500 team? (WhyNotTyler)

Considering that the Wizards just came out of a 5-1 homestand, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wizards can be a .500 team.

What options do the Wizards have to offer a contract to Jordan Goodwin?

He earns $502,080 and the qualifying offer for next year is $1,761,752. Can other teams offer him a better contract and “steal” him from us? Can we offer to him e.g. a 3 year contract for some reasonable money? When would be an optimal time for offering it? = when can we, the fans, expect that something like this might happen?

The Wizards can convert Goodwin to a full NBA contract at anytime, but will have to waive a player on a full contract to do so.

The new Wiz Defensive Player Of The Game Belt illustrates how much the Wiz have emphasized Defense this season as it has shown improvement so far this season. If they can consistently get stops down the stretch, any game is winnable.

Some teams track stops-in-a-row to measure defensive efficiency. Do you know of any agency or website that tracks NBA Stops? (SkullDog)

I would say the NBA Stats site is generally the best bet. If you can elaborate more in the comments, I can look further.

Also, is there a way fans can find out which Wiz player won the Defensive Player Of The Game Belt award for every game? (SkullDog)

The closest thing would be Twitter and reports. We can do a running tally or check as well.

Is it conceivable that we could get a decent first round draft choice for Kyle Kuzma? Deni & Rui are showing signs of growing their game so far this year & would want to hang on to them? (Monrocmania1966)

Kuz will be one of the forwards teams will look to make a move for at the deadline. I could see a first round pick being traded away, but I doubt it will be a Top-7 or so pick.

Our next mailbag will be in December!