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The Commanders are for sale, according to report

This is speculation. But can you see a situation where Monumental Sports & Entertainment makes a bid for them too?

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It isn’t often when Dan Snyder and Ted Leonsis are in the same picture.
Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Washington Commanders announced that team owners Dan and Tanya Snyder have hired Bank of America Securities to explore a possible sale of the franchise. The Snyders bought the team in 1999 from the estate of Jack Kent Cooke.

This isn’t Hogs Haven, so I’m going to look at this news from a more bird’s eye view standpoint. It’s a big thing that the Commanders may be sold soon. After all, the Snyders have owned the team for 23 years. They also have been known for making a lot of PR disasters over the years, ranging from overzealous free agent signings, to lawsuits against season ticket holders and their former team name controversy.

But it was probably the Congressional probe into Dan Snyder himself that may have been enough to nudge him in the direction that it’s time sell the team.

How does this relate to the Wizards and Monumental Sports & Entertainment? The way I’m seeing it is like this. Ted Leonsis has been linked to a potential bid for the Washington Nationals, who are also on sale. And he is now apparently the frontrunner to buy the team. I’ll write about that in another piece.

With the Commanders now on sale, I’m wondering out loud whether Leonsis would be willing to go all in and have Monumental try to make a bid for them as well. Is it possible to see a scenario where one ownership group owns teams in all four of the biggest men’s professional sports leagues in the same city? We shall see!

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