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The Wizards’ Big Three is back tonight, and they caught up yesterday!

Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas are back at Capital One Arena for tonight’s game.

NBA 2022 Playoffs - Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers
Caron Butler is back.
Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

The Washington Wizards are hosting the Miami Heat tonight at Capital One Arena. It will also be a reunion where Gilbert Arenas will meet Antawn Jamison, now the Wizards’ Senior Director of Pro Personnel and Caron Butler, now one of the Heat’s assistant coaches.

It should be a very emotional day for Wizards fans, especially those who followed the team in the 2000s when Washington made four consecutive playoff appearances from 2005-08. Along the way, each member of the “Big Three” made multiple All-Star game appearances. And Arenas was named an All-Star starter as well in 2007.

If that weren’t enough, this very site was founded during the peak of that era!

Arenas, Jamison and Butler met yesterday, took some group photos and made some videos. Check them out below.

After the game, stick around for a concert! It’s R&B night with Joe, Teddy Riley and Dave Hollister!