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The odds are against the Wizards having a playoff bound season in 2022-23

Most Vegas oddsmakers are only giving the Wizards 35.5 wins this season.

Washington Wizards v Golden State Warriors - NBA Japan Games Photo by Lampson Yip - Clicks Images/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards’ Media Day has concluded. The Wizards have also played two preseason games in Japan. While they lost to the Golden State Warriors twice, Washington still played solid basketball. Should this be a reason why the Wizards could return to the postseason?

Not so fast.

The odds unfortunately aren’t particularly optimistic for the Wizards. According to Vegas Insider, the over/under on the Wizards is at 35.5 wins for the 2022-23 NBA season. While that number isn’t too far off a .500 season (41 wins), it’s the 21st worst record in the NBA, assuming everything holds.

Furthermore, there are only three teams projected to do worse in the Eastern Conference: the Detroit Pistons (29.5), Orlando Magic (26.5) and Indiana Pacers (23.5). If all of these records hold, the Wizards would finish with the 12th best record in the East, well away from a play-in berth.

It seems to me that the Vegas oddsmakers are factoring in the significant likelihood that the Wizards often underachieve despite having the talent to compete at a high level, especially if nearly every player is healthy. And last year, the Wizards didn’t make the postseason altogether.

What are your reactions to the odds? Let us know in the comments below.